I am a former employee of the Hamilton School, however the creation of this website is not a matter of petty revenge. Over my time working at the Hamilton I found myself feeling a deep sense of shame about being a part of such an organisation, although I would dearly love to just forget my experiences there I know that I would feel guilty and ashamed about seeing inside of this school and getting out without doing anything to warn others.

Everything I publish as my own information will be a true account of something that I have experienced firsthand, however, there will be other content sent from others who have experience with the school and I cannot guarantee the veracity of this.



  1. well done,my daughter worked there and her experience echo’s those of the other girls who have shared their horrific stories of this TYRANT whose time has come to be exposed

  2. Thank you for this page and bringing this horrible woman to shame, my daughter started working here when she was 16 and just out of school, she spent six months of hell,constantly in tears and lost a lot of weight due to being over worked, she was off sick with a vomiting bug and was hounded by KT four times that morning over the phone telling her to go in and she would decide if she was sick or not. In the end I spoke to her myself and told her my daughter would not be going. we decided then she would not be returning and luckily she managed to find a new job within a few weeks, my daughter is a bit older now and is planning her own family unfortunately her time at the hamilton has made her not want to use a nursery for her own children. Any parents of children at this so called school should reconsider. You would be crazy to let this woman have any thing to do with your child’s education.

  3. On the note of illness, one of my colleagues was told that she was sick because of her own doing – apparently it was due to poor hand hygiene. Of course, that long-term diagnosed stomach condition identified by her GP was complete nonsense and Mrs T was the expert!!

    1. Or staff unable to get to work due to snow. Mrs T would indignantly say “If I can make it in so can everyone else!”

      For anyone that doesn’t know, she lives opposite the school.

      These comments and stories ring so true with my experience of working at the school. It’s been years since I left but it still hits a raw nerve.

  4. I was a pupil there (in the old building) in the late 90’s and found the education far advanced of what most schools were teaching. I was taught to a first year level in Maths, English and Latin in primary five. I then went on to use these same text books in 1st year at Gordons.

  5. My family has been absolutely devastated by the closure of the Hamilton. My primary age grandchildren were absolutely thriving both in class lessons and in extracurricular activites. They absolutely loved the place. At the new school they are in a terrible state and the education they are receiving is a total disgrace. The healthy happy grandchildren I had seem to have disappeared.

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