Goodbye for now

Hello everybody,

If you have not heard, the site is taking an indefinite hiatus. Although she certainly seems to have tried Mrs Taylor did not force us to do this and it has not been done in order that she save face, it has been done so that the information which was shared here does not interfere with the work of the appropriate authorities.

Of course, I am limited in what I ought to say but I’m sure you can understand how the public availability of all of this information might damage testimony credibility.

Rest assured that although they have been removed from the site for now, your stories have not disappeared: I still have all of them, and they have been made available to those who need them now.

I have to take this opportunity to thank you all one more time for your time and your courage in sharing your stories, both here and privately. Those of you who shared your experiences for all to read have contributed to what will hopefully be a real and permanent change while those who wrote privately to me, often with the most moving stories, helped me when I needed to be reminded that we were all doing the right thing.


As, for the moment, I can no longer publish your experiences here, below you will find the details for the agencies you should be contacting with any concerns. I will also endeavour to keep the site up to date with any information which might be useful to parents going forward, therefore if you do wish to add any such information (for example nurseries which are taking on new children. Please feel free to still use the comment box, although the comments will no longer show up automatically I will still receive and publish them.


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  1. I actually placed a child of mine here, some years back for nursery, this after an extended search and some unpleasantness at other nurseries in the Aberdeen area. Having “found” Hamilton’s my wife and I were relieved that we had found somewhere clean and warm and considerate for our child’s needs. Yes, I’m speaking the fundamental issues! Other nurseries we viewed varied from worried to literally appalling, cold, smelly, dark and dingy, run by obvious incompetents, staffed by a selection of dubious individuals or run by bossy proprietors who literally laid down the rules. It was their way or the highway, literally. What to do? I am not saying Hamilton’s was or is ideal or perfect what I am saying here is if Hamilton’s warrants closing then where does that place the rest of the Nurseries in the area?? If it does warrant closure then so do a significant number of other nurseries and it is up the authorities to apply a balanced response to all.

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